First off, I'm Jennale,( jen/ell) But you can call me, Jenny, Jenno, Jennlo, or Jennifo. Second, I'm going to tell you how I am like, what I'm interested in, and some things about me. Number #1, I'm a gamer girl. I can whip your butt on any game! Unless it is Surgen Simulater,Octopus dad, or Sumotori Dreams.I fail every time on those games but I take a laugh from it. Number #2 I hate pointless acts, ignorance, rudeness, people who won't shut their trap, people fighting with friends/family/ stranger, people getting up to my face, judging me/other people, and there is a few more I dislike, but I don't think it is suitable on this site. Number #3 Back to games! I play:

Happy Wheels
The Last Of Us
Garry's Mod
Team Fortress
Grant Theft Auto
Mad Father
Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite
Dead Island
Left 4 Dead
Battleblock Theater
Dead Space
Ultimate Chimera Hunt
Trouble In Terrorist Town
Portal and Portal 2
Resident Evil
Mass Effect
Saints Row the Third

I don't want to continue on from this point, I don't want to spam the rest of my games. (Kinda already have) I think you get the picture.

I'm a fun, funny, happy, nice, caring, protective, trusthworthy, and loyal gal to have as a friend. I'm inappropiate but it goes only with trying to be funny, I won't be doing foolish business here by what I've read and I give you my word.

Er.. Actually I'm not gonna tell you the rest, I'm already stuffed out by just adding the games and such. Call me lazy if ya want. :3

But there is one more thing I have to tell you before I'm done here, I love orange, as you can see.