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Title: Hello FRI! :)

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    Default Hello FRI! :)

    I am new to FRI and so far, so good! Some of you may know me as tmorningstar in the FR Forums and MM Forums. I decided to join FRI because honestly, I got bored with the FR forums. It took a bit to get used to this layout but alas, all is well There's so many wonderful threads to browse through too! Oh, and if I become too bothersome, just let me know

    Nice meeting all of you!! Blessings to you all!! Love, joy, and peace always!!

    Tegan Morningstar

    P.S. I do have one question though. When can I post in the Free Market Thread?? I've seen some great items I would like to purchase and I also have things I wish to sell Thanks!
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    Default Re: Hello FRI! :)

    Hi Tegan! Welcome to the Insiders forums. You can access the Free Market thread once you have ten posts. I hear that it takes a while for it to register your ten posts, but if you come back after a few hours it should let you post a trade.

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    Default Re: Hello FRI! :)

    Hello again Tegan,

    It's not often I get to welcome a player to two differant forums within the span of a week.
    Welcome to FRI.
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    Default Re: Hello FRI! :)

    Welcome tmorningstar!

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    Default Re: Hello FRI! :)

    Welcome To FRI! Happy holidays! ^^

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    Default Re: Hello FRI! :)

    Hello Tegan, its an pleasure to meet you!

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    Default Re: Hello FRI! :)

    Welcome to FRI, Tegan Morningstar!
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