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    Rileygirl14 Guest

    Default Hello Everyone!

    Hi, my name is Riley and i'm a new Koofounder!
    it hasn't opened yet.... But hopefully i have the patience for it!

    And if i don't i'll probably scream at the computer.
    And if i do have the patience i will wait. patiently.:angel:
    And later on as i come on and talk and meet new friends you will hopefully learn more about me. And i will learn more about you as we post and make up topics and threads and stuff. So, Hello!

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    mytymia1 Guest

    Default Re: Hello Everyone!

    welcome aboard..i'm pretty new myself here..well i guess i'll see ya in kookeys

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    glamorousgirl Guest

    Default Re: Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to vpi!Have fun!

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    redvelvetroses is offline Explorer
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    Nov 2007

    Default Re: Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to VPI. Everyone here is very nice and helpful. Im sure youll have a ton of fun.

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