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Title: Hello All

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    Default Hello All

    Recently came back to the game after about a year and a half break and enjoying my time, especially with the spooktacular going on

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    Default Re: Hello All

    Me too, I'm enjoying this year's Spooktacular better than the last Anyways, welcome back!
    With or without the game, life continues. Let's cherish the memories while we still can!

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    Default Re: Hello All

    I don't know you. But welcome back!! I haven't experience this year's Spooktacular. Maybe only once. But I might trick-or-treat some more today.
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    Default Re: Hello All

    Hola and nice to meet you Silver. Welcome back and hoping you have a good time while you're here with us on FRI.

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    Default Re: Hello All

    Welcome back! It's nice to meet you. I always look forward to new people on FRI! I hope you enjoy your time with us here at insider!

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