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Title: hello!

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    Default hello!

    Hi, I'm celeste. One of my favorite books growing up was Babar. I just got a monkey kookeys and named him Zephir. I'm hoping they come out with elephant kookeys soon!!

    oops... I should have mentioned that I'm perdita101 on WI.
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    lins9 Guest

    Re: hello!

    Hey! I'm brand new too! This website looks like a lot of fun. I'm a member on WI too, it's a lot great!

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    Default Re: hello!

    Welcome, both of you. This is a smaller community than WI -- and a lot of WI members are here. Looking forward to seeing you around.

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    faeoori Guest

    Default Re: hello!

    Welcome to kookeys! Feel free to ask any one questions and don't forget the bug catcher game! it's great to have new members!

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    Alidog96 Guest

    Default Re: hello!

    Hey Celeste! Um... do u live in Florida? Cause I if u do, I think I might know u.

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    glamorousgirl Guest

    Default Re: hello!

    Hi!Have fun and enjoy this fabulous site!

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