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Title: Hello :)

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    Default Hello :)

    Hihi My name is Danail(In Bulgarian )And I found Free Realms before like 1 hour When I saw the game I was like in love with it,but U guys know how sometimes the trailer have nothing to do with the gamee..I played Wizard101 for like 4 months and I want something different to play now..So my question is can some one tell me what can I do in this game(ofc I will get membership )and etc.,because I rode about how the quest were hard and cant find anything,no people in game...I want to be in a game where there are tons of people to make friends So thank you for your time

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    welcome to FRI and to Free realms you will like both very much you will find a lot of helpful info here and on a couple of other web sites:
    The official forums which can be accessed from your character profile or direct Free Realms - Discussion Boards;
    FR Zam ZAM Free Realms :: An FR Community and Wiki Site; and
    Mystic Mayham Mystic Mayhem - A Free Realms Community - Home
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    I don't think you'll have any trouble making friends. There's always tons of people playing on Free Realms(FR). Be sure to read the GUIDE: Free Realms Etiquette by Ashely Presiousface it can help. You can group with your friends to do quest together or join a guild. On your FR welcome page is a calender of events. It will show you whats going on that day & if there are any community events. There is also a map w/ a magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen, it can help you start a quest to lv. up your jobs.The great thing about FR is there is so many kinds of games to play. If you don't like one thing, you can go do something else, you don't have to do anything except be nice & have fun. Some quest are harder than others, but you can always ask for help, if you need to. There are tons of things to collect. I hope you really enjoy FR and WELCOME to FRI.

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