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Title: Haaaalllo c:

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    Default Haaaalllo c:

    Heya everyone! My name is Lady Gamer.
    I've started playing since 2008ish 2009, quit for about two years and just returned recently (two months ago).
    I actually used to have an Insiders thingy... don't really remember the info for it anymore hehe.

    Anyways, I love battling, collecting, being weird, meeting new players and just having plain ol' fun.

    LG2.png -Lady G

    (Honestly. Since I close to never--okay make that never have used Insiders. I'm completely clueless!)

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    Default Re: Haaaalllo c:

    Welcome to FRI... again x]! Hope you have a great time over here =] (I think I have Seen You Around Free Realms Before ;p)

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    Default Re: Haaaalllo c:

    Ditto what Kaissiah said.

    Have a free ducky:
    I hardly call this place perfect. But I'm a mess, who can't handle any friendship without ruining it and has no one to turn to now.
    I belong right here, and I'm not moving. Ever again.

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    Default Re: Haaaalllo c:

    Ello, I'm Austin Crimsonorbit. Welcome again. lol

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    Default Re: Haaaalllo c:

    Goodbye. C:
    Jk. Anyways, welcome to FRI. I believe I have seen you IG many times.
    Last edited by Aubss; 05-23-2013 at 05:20 PM.

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    Default Re: Haaaalllo c:

    Hey Lady Gamer, I'm Jack.

    Welcome to FRI

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    Default Re: Haaaalllo c:

    Hey, welcome to FRI! 8] If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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    Default Re: Haaaalllo c:

    Hello :3 Welcome to FRI! I'm Kay-chan and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask!

    This ends on a good note.

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    Default Re: Haaaalllo c:

    Hi I'm Olga and I'm weird too! Go sticks of butter with bat wings! Sorry off topic
    Geology lover

    Black Rose

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    Default Re: Haaaalllo c:

    Welcome to swag central. Don't forget your YOLO.

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