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    Default free realms is down AGAIN.... -sigh-

    Wow.....PARDON OUR DUST!!!! i really hope this is worth something! free realms is getting really boring. some of my friends on free realms were going to quit. AND some already have D:
    I really wouldn't mind if they shut free realms down like this for a month, IF they made free realms different (in a good way!) PLZ SOE MAKE FREE REALMS A BETTER PLACE!!!!
    Sure free realms is awesome and creative now but, its the same old thing every day.
    It would be really fun for new people though. who don't know about it and still need to figure free realms out.

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    Default Re: free realms is down AGAIN.... -sigh-

    People who are new and need to figure out free realms are basically the newbies at the starting point and most likely they wont do anything but fix a few bugs the last time they actually put something good in way some time last year and they wont bother to put in sun stone valley with new mini games and armor the only thing left is to make friends and hope they dont quit on you i agree its kinda boring because same mini games and armor and etc opening sun stone valley would pull in all new players and ones that quit most likely just to check it out I hope they do make it ' a better place ' .

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    Default Re: free realms is down AGAIN.... -sigh-

    Its Money.. Do you guys think SOE has money and time for this?! Well sure ya but they're working on much too also and SOE is a big company they make the PSP's Over 50 online games and they use so much money on that it takes over 500 dollars to add new stuff and that's a lot. They also wanna keep the game balanced and fair not an advantage for one thing, you can have them add ideas by having good talents submit something that will be fair for people you can send them a drawing to, just remember they might just not add everything you suggest only some fair ones
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    Default Re: free realms is down AGAIN.... -sigh-

    It was down for a hotfix:

    "We will bring the Free Realms PC servers offline on Friday, March 16, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. PST for a hotfix to make a few minor improvements, including new farming items. The game servers will be unavailable for about 30 minutes."

    Nothing more.

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