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    Default Ello. Thyrrni here.

    Many of the players who have been here longer have done one of these, so, here I am ^^ Little bit of info 'bout me myself and I. >o<

    My Favourite Colours are Green and Dark Blue :3
    I'm a biiiig bookworm.
    My favourite MMORPGs are Free Realms and Spiral Knights.
    I'm a tomboy
    I'm a lover of Pokémon!
    I hate hate hate haaaaaaaaaaate makeup.
    I love fashion but never wear stuff like high heels.
    I'm a hater of jeans. Just too uncomfortable.
    I always write two or more chapters of a book then get an idea for a new one and so on.
    For some reason think my crush has a crush on me (I think he does...) ;o!!!!
    I'm the shyest in my class.
    Have always been the teachers pet, except for two years ago. -Shiver-
    Suck at all sports except Karate.
    Have very unrealistic dreams that sadly won't materialise.
    Have good manipulation of mature vocabulary.
    My first ever best friend was a boy. I do have a friend who's a girl now, but people still think me weird cause of that.

    So theres a bit about me! ^^
    Anything you person has in common with me?


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    Default Re: Ello. Thyrrni here.

    :] I'll try, XD
    Like all the colors.
    Read from time to time. Sometimes, I start a book, and I just want to finish it so I read it in one sitting, even if it takes me 'till two in the morning.
    Somewhere between tomboy and girly-girl. I like heels, black eyeliner, form-fitting shirts. But sometimes I prefer jerseys, and over sized sweatshirts. Two of my pairs of sneaker are for guys.
    Skinny jeans. Skinny jeans. Skinny jeans. Every assorted color to black. Some are even one color on one leg and another on the other.
    Loud. Out going.
    Most of my teachers do not like me. Maybe one a year.
    Pretty athletic. But I hate sports. So. So. Much.
    Unrealistice dreams.
    Tried to write countless books. Kept promising self that I would write every day.Every one stops after, like, the fifth page.
    I'm pretty independant. But for some reason, I almost always have people with me.

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    I believe this is the point where I throw in the towel. [:

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