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    Default Aloha Insiders!

    Greeting, I am Techster I am in Mystic Mayhem, and I want my alt to join Insiders. I love Free Realms I go on almost everyday and is a very social person. I know a couple of leader but all.

    Here is my question-

    How many post do I need to get to post on different places?

    and that it loll.

    ~ Tech

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    Default Re: Aloha Insiders!

    Aloha and welcome to Haw-- *ahem* I mean...Free Realms Insider. I *think* you need 10 posts to post in different areas. I *think*. I am no expert on how many posts you need to do stuff around here, so you should double check with someone. Hope you enjoy it here!!
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    Default Re: Aloha Insiders!

    Hello Techster, and nice to meet you. I hope you have a good time while you're here.

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    Default Re: Aloha Insiders!

    Oh, hey Texter, er, Techster! I know you and I get your name wrong, what are the odds of that? Well, really great odds since I did do it on purpose... xD

    You need at least 10 posts to post in The Free Market, upload a custom avatar, and send a PM.

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    Default Re: Aloha Insiders!

    :O Hi! I saw you once, I'm Claire Faithblossoms (: I'm the chick from the rock in Blackspore with Nixxy and John xD Welcome to Insiders! Feel free to ask me any questions you have!
    Yup, 10 posts for most things! Someone told me it took them 20 for the avatar, but I don't know.

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    Default Re: Aloha Insiders!

    Well hello and welcome.
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    Default Re: Aloha Insiders!

    Hola!! I saw you the other day, while running about in Seaside with the loveable Jabbawockie (also on here ) We were commenting on your name and Technical's name lol. Welcome to FRI I hope you love it just as much as we do -wave-
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