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Title: Aloha

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    Default Aloha

    Hey everyone. My ign is the same as my name here, I've been playing FR for a long time now, although on here I' a newb XD I just started an account on FRI cuz one of my best friends told me I should lol.
    I had another character before the whole Sony getting hacked a year or so ago, but when FR was shut down for a month or whatever I lost access to my password.
    Sry about the random rambling :p

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    Default Re: Aloha

    Welcome to Insiders Jaykerz.

    1st Generation Free Realmer
    3rd Generation Insider

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    Default Re: Aloha

    Name-age similarity. [:<

    This is Gagerz' signature.
    I believe this is the point where I throw in the towel. [:

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    Default Re: Aloha

    Welcome Jaykerz!!!
    My adventure ends here.

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    Default Re: Aloha

    Hey Jaykerz, Welcome to Free Realms Insider! It's okay and your not a newb, your just.. 'new' I hate the "newb" word. Sorry your user was taken, mine was as well. But i made a new account and I have a ton of rares, i have been playing for maybe 3 years now? Maybe 4..
    Guess what? Yup. I'm back.

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    Default Re: Aloha

    ^ FR hasnt been out for 4 years so it is 3 for you XD and Welcome Jaykerz!!!

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    Default Re: Aloha

    Hiya Jaykerz! Imma random rambler too O: Hope you have a great time here and your friend was right about you needing to join!
    Thanks Jaiyden & Lindei for avvie & siggie.

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