A message to all pollsters:

Please take the time to read the list of subjects that are off limits here in the poll section. Any polls on the following topics will be deleted. Staff also has the right to delete any thread with inappropriate subject matter as they see fit.

Please remember a poll is a list of all possible opinions. Please respect those opinions and each other always.

1. Quiz your friends polls: "Are you like me", "Do you know me", "Have you seen me" and things of this nature are not allowed. They lead to hurt feelings and may exclude others.

2. Random polls are spam! Please do NOT post polls that are not about a specific topic. They will be deleted if they are random.

3. FRI is not a place for dating advice. Polls like "does he like me" or "who should I date" or "what do you look for in a guy" are just going to be deleted, so please don't start them.

4. Swimsuit polls are not allowed. There have been many posted in the past with pictures attached that are inappropriate for WI. It doesn't matter if your pictures are on a person, on a mannequin, or just by themselves.

5. Political polls: These just lead to arguments. FRI is not the place for this type of debate.

6. Religious polls: These also lead to arguments, the exclusion of certain groups, and hurt feelings. This includes Evolution polls.

7. Please do not ask for personal or identifying information (this goes for the whole site) such as age, grade, middle or last name, school, town, etc.

8. Polls about your personal appearance are not allowed as they may lead to identifying you. Do not ask what is your hair or eye color, do you have freckles, do you like my haircut, etc.

As always, if you're not sure, just ask!

Thank you and have fun!