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    Skyler Eaglesaber's Avatar
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    Apr 2010

    Default Rate FreeRealms

    Everything from gamplay to technical.
    How satisfied or happy are you with the game.

    In addition post your top 3 Dislikes and Likes.

    I'll start with :

    - Non-members do not get adequate content.
    - Fliter
    - Freerealms is working toward a very money-minded mindset
    + Combat System ( I just need to voice this out)

    - Breathtaking graphics
    - A large pool of profession
    - You get to do everything and anything !
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    assassin64's Avatar
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    Default Re: Rate FreeRealms

    I agree, if they stop trying to make so much money and just help out the non-members for like 1 month, then it would be a 10
    Free Realms non-paying member since 2 million!
    lvl. 20 Adventurer, Ninja, Brawler, Pet Trainer, Chef, Card Duelist
    Spoiler: show

    My in-game name is Nathiel Hawkshade (Main) Roy Earthfable (hoverboard)

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    DawnSeastar is offline Master Gamer
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    Feb 2010

    Default Re: Rate FreeRealms

    -"Technology" in game, example hoverboards and other junk.
    -Idiots who go around saying "You're hot" only forgetting the way to spell "you're"

    None at the moment.

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    Feb 2010

    Default Re: Rate FreeRealms


    Chatty (i met him!)





    People annyoing you

    Hackers locking you up.
    OMG OMG i'm back

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    ArielleMoonshadow's Avatar
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    Oct 2009

    Default Re: Rate FreeRealms

    I put in a 7.,,

    Likes: The beautiful landscape
    Being able to switch between multiple jobs anytime
    Clothes and Housng bring customization to a whole new level

    Dislikes; Non-Members aren't getting decent amounts of content
    Recent updates are rotated around SC items
    Filter and chat system
    Arielle Moonshadow
    Proud Member of the <Insiders> since January 4, 2010
    Not interested in trading anymore. Everything's so expensive...

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    Zadira Kindleriver's Avatar
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    Aug 2009

    Default Re: Rate FreeRealms

    The amazing graphics
    The card game
    Always having a day that is different with lots of mini games, new items, different areas to explore and lots of new friends always coming into the game who need help

    When things don't work the way they should

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    RandomPlayer's Avatar
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    Jul 2009

    Default Re: Rate FreeRealms

    Glitches and them not fixing them (If I have three of an item, I can't sell them all at the same time; I have to sell two then the last one ._.)
    Technology: karts, radios, TVs
    Music - I like it... but I swear they took the music from other games. I can hear PokeCenter music on Free Realms!
    Lady Luck
    TCG - Yu-Gi-Oh was and is much better; more elaborate, more strategy, no endless duels (Rule in TCG: When your deck runs out of cards... reshuffle your discard pile and use it as your deck! .-.)
    SC Marketplace - the whole thing
    Housing - so many glitches, so many problems... how come Halo 3 doesn't have these problems?
    Movement - Look, I'm floating an inch above the ground, but the game thinks I'm falling endlessly!
    Background - don't make land for people to go OOB if you don't want them to go OOB...
    Quests - Did you say that was a quest? No, that was just a little favor... what are you talking about?! I walked five meters to pick up your glasses from a rock, and then I walked to that guy three meters away to get him to clean your book!
    Minigames - I'm grinding, I don't want to do more
    All this droppable stuff (boomboxes, cakes, etc.) - but that's just cause of how I play
    Illusions - see reason above
    Filter - self-explanatory

    ...Oh, you said top three? Oops...
    Those are my opinion... As Skyler's said a couple of times, don't judge me.
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    Status: Quit FR since I never liked FR at all. Will probably not post anymore.

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    Rosierulez's Avatar
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    Jan 2010

    Default Re: Rate FreeRealms

    1. Non-members don't really get very much.
    2. You're spending A LOT of your money, because they can drag you in.
    3. filter is TERRIBLE!!!!!!! (No offense.)
    1. There's a lot of possibilities.
    2. It's always fun.
    3. There's always something to do.


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