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View Poll Results: Should my name be changed to Konnar or stay the same?

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    14 77.78%
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    4 22.22%
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    Icon11 Possible Name Change...Again... >.>

    So, I was thinking. I've always really liked the name Konnar (Conner or Connor is the boy version). I looked up to see if anyone has taken the name in Free Realms, and no one hasn't taken the name by itself yet, surprisingly. While Celestina Corinne is a beautiful name, in my opinion, it doesn't really fit me. It's too girly. I mean, I am girly, but Konnar says, "Hi, I can be adorable and girly, but I'm tough too." (Lol ) I'd like to say I have two complete opposite sides of me. One day, I want to be a lazy bum and lay around in sweatpants and a t-shirt, or maybe I'll go and play some sports. Other days, I like to get dressed up, express myself, go shopping or something, and 9 times out of 1, I like to wear as much pink as I can without overdoing it.

    So, the big question is, should I say "goodbye" to Celestina Corinne and say "hello" to Konnar? Or is Celestina Corinne great, but I'm just overlooking the beauty of the name, which describes me?

    I would really appreciate it if no one took the name Konnar as I figure this out, because I know some people are considering changing their names, as well, and I don't really want them to pull the rug right out from under me. Thanks. (:

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    Default Re: Possible Name Change...Again... >.>

    I like the name Konnar. if you think your current name doesn't describe you and konnar does... i think you should change it to Konnar then. x]

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    Default Re: Possible Name Change...Again... >.>

    You seem to like the name Konnar, and although both are great names if you think Konnar would describe you best I say "Go for it!".
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    Default Re: Possible Name Change...Again... >.>

    I love the name Konnar, simply because I've never seen a girl with that unique of a name. [Excluding myself. [:< ] Judging by how you describe yourself, I'd say Konnar is really fitting, therefore it has my vote. [:

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    Default Re: Possible Name Change...Again... >.>

    Auug, this is a toughie....Konnar is such a cute name, but I love the name you have now...If you switch to Konnar, I'll still call you Celly, though....So Konnar has my vote (:

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    Default Re: Possible Name Change...Again... >.>

    ​I really like Konnar as a name. I wish I would have thought of it.
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