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View Poll Results: Should updates trump bug resolutions?

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Title: Bugs vs. Updates

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    Default Bugs vs. Updates

    Q: Do rapid and frequent updates trump the timely resolution of existing bugs and issues?


    1. YES!: I want new content as fast as I can get it. Some bugs and issues will probably go away with new content adds, and I can live with the ones that remain. Only those issues deemed critical to game play should be allowed to distract devs from churning out new content, items, and expansions, as fast as possible. There will always be bugs. Learn to live with or work around them.

    2. NO!: New content needs to be paused for however long it takes the devs to squash every known bug and issue that hampers game play in any manner. New content is great, but the existence of long running issues detract from the the enjoyment of new content, and may be the cause for some new content not meshing properly with the game. There is no reason why I should have to simply live with, or work around issues that should have been addressed already.

    3. Neither: Both elements are equally important to the game. The ideal solution would be to slow the current rate of updates somewhat, in order to free up part of the FR team to work on known issues. I want new content on a regular basis, but I also want a game that functions as well, and is as free of aggravation as possible. I am willing to see expansion scaled back somewhat, and to live with or work around issues so long as I know they are being worked on.


    This poll, and a duplicate poll at Mystic Mayhem, is to help gather data for a thread by the same name on the FROF.
    Please feel free to leave comments, but do NOT vote if you have already voted at one of the other sites, in order to avoid duplicate votes.

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    Default Re: Bugs vs. Updates

    I say 3. Lag and not entering is nasty, but I do like what they bring. You can never fix all bugs-but you can't let the little guys rule forever either.
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    Default Re: Bugs vs. Updates

    The current bugs that we currently do have don't really bother me. I've learned to work around them, as if they were a part of the game permanently.
    I'm torn between the first and third option. It'd be nice to see new content more often, but then again, I guess it'd be nice to get the bugs and whatnot taken care of for good. This would probably solve lag issues and such (and this could squash the bugs before they turn into really big tarantulas).

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