Whats not better then a guild with a studio and over 500 views on there videos? Well Insider is XD. But Revolt's main leader Alvin Charmsmile1 is one of the finest Freerealmers on Youtube! Alvin actually started his videos with a show called "Alvin and Drew Show" wich is on my Youtube Channel with our finest works without any special hypercam stuff! After our shows, he made his guild and went off to make his own fine work. But! Alvin and I are still close friends and have the best parties.
Now interviewing Conner Ironarrow the other leader
"I think Revolt has come along away because we have worked the whole 2010 summer to make this guild maxed out and happy! Yes, we have had some fights but we are fine and at the top now. Revolt also has a good idea, we but everybody as officer so nobody can be removed only the leaders can remove. Also, everybody will be happy being the highest promotion besides leader! Rock on freerealmers!"
I give my best friend guild 5 stars now! Subribe on youtube ALVINCHARMSMILE and me Mwing99! Remember its your world!!