For those of you who love Gravity Falls, and aren't afraid to show it, this is the guild for you. Serena Galeway's new guild <GRAVITY FALLZ FTW> is a group of fans dedicated to this mysterious town! If you wish to join, here are the requirements. First, post here, and do one of the following:
  • Post a pic of your character in an outfit that looks like one of the Mystery Twins(Girls do Mabel, boys do Dipper) and post the character name
  • Post your character name, gender, and say you are ready for the questions.

In scenario A, I will either approve or disapprove(but most likely approve). If I approve I will send a friend request your way(or just add Serena Galeway), so we can meet up and I can invite you.

In scenario B, you will be sent ten questions about either Mabel and Dipper(again, matching from Scenario A applies). If you get at least a 50%, you will be approved and we can organize a time to add you.

A month after joining, PM me about gaining ranks if you'd be interested.

We will throw parties(and an epic bash on the same day GF aired-June 15th), and make funny videos! Join today!

Special Notice: We have two 'sectors' within the guild: the girl's Mabel Sector and the boy's Dipper Sector. Serena is the Mabel Sector head, so the first guy that joins will be promoted to leader and become head of the Dipper Sector!