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    Default Want to be an Insider

    This is my guild so if you want to join find me FreeRealms my character name is Jack bubbleberry. But I don't add random people I like to meet them and become friends with them before they join. ^_^

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    Default Re: Want to be an Insider

    This is against the rules to make another guild of insider,please delete your guild.

    You are not a leader or an officer of Insiders to do that.

    Post reported

    Hope your understand this.
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    Default Re: Want to be an Insider

    I have closed this thread.

    Here at Free Realms Insider, we support the official Insiders guilds. As Beso has already kindly stated, the staff of FRI, and the staff alone, is in charge of the Insiders guilds, and whether or not a new one should be made.

    If you wish to start another guild, you're more than welcome to post about it on our forum. However, to best avoid conflict between guilds and on this website, it is advised that you never try to impersonate other pre-existing guilds.

    If you do get any other guild running, we encourage you check out this new thread, started by Ashley Preciousfable.

    Here, you can post your guild and website information (if necessary) so that others may contact you, or someone else who may be in charge of the guild, if they wish to join.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.
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