Do you enjoy playing free realms, but don’t honestly feel like you havent gotten that “full expierence” that you were looking for? Well look no further, because <The Vale>, a free realms guild, is here to help! Our guild is basically a really fun, social, and active guild in free realms, we host tons of parties, have an active website, and tons of fun as a “family” whether its hanging out in our guild area of Merry Vale, talking at a house, or just talking in guild chat.

What do we have?
Well thats an excellent question, here at <The Vale> we have tons of fun activites, we have a new thing called social saturdays where we hangout and play tons of games like twister, fashion frenzy, etc. We have a movie production company called Merry Vale Movies which produces movies and music videos. We also are doing alot of with housing in terms of ome tours and contests and a building club! With all our leaders we hope for many members in the future and tons of guild parties to get the word out of our guild!

PM me for website link

Contact a leader if you have any questions



~Eternelle Parafite

~Alex Roseeyes

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