So what got me into Free Realms?

My children of course! Yet I'm finding it incredibally entertaining and addictive.

So we're on to Guilds now, I've earned myself a handfull of level 20 jobs, and have a good understanding of how things work.

We spend our days completing quests, building levels, collection hunting and such, and yet still find time to build cool stuffs in our houses, hang out with friends, dance and what have you.

This means 3 things:
-We are active daily.
-We do actually play together.
-Our guild chat channel is actually used.

Who I'm looking for are other parents who just wana play along with their children. Other players who simply like social activity among their daily routine, or other children who'd like a little direction.

We want to keep a friends and family lifestyle in our time on Free Realms, if this suits you, contact me in game, Jonny Tapas.

There are no statistical requirements.
The only rule is get along and play by the SOE rules.