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Title: thread removed??

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    Default thread removed??

    why was the <Fuzzy Mumpkins> guild thread removed???

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    Default Re: thread removed??

    Rozzo ~

    Your better off to PM A Staff Member itself, so you get the exact facts.

    Good luck with your Investigation!
    "Don't cry because it's over: smile because it happened."

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    Default Re: thread removed??

    I've been to the guild's website and noticed the use of some bad words so it's possible somebody reported your guild's thread.
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    Default Re: thread removed??

    @ Rozzo
    I suggest you pm a guild leader or staff...

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    Default Re: thread removed??

    Normally, when a thread is removed by a staff member, you will be notified of why by the staff member that removed it, the same way as is done at the site where I moderate. Have you checked your mail lately?

    FRI, as you may know, is a little short staffed at the moment, so I suppose it could have been overlooked, but I would double check for a mail before going any further. If you do not see one, I would send Ashley a pm, or perhaps one of the more active mods like Annie or Jillian.

    Chances are it was taken down due to site content.or perhaps because you have it locked from preview. FRI has a liberal links policy, but they will often deny a link if the site in question does not abide by the same family friendly standards that FRI does, or if they are blocked from being abe to verfy site contents.
    From what I have seen of your site, both of those conditions would apply.

    Always happy to help a fellow member,
    Good luck.
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