Moy here!
I'm here to promote a new guild me and some friends that I had (a looong time ago) created because we felt we needed to reunited the gang (aka: te friends we most hung out with and had good timesssssss) So we created a guild called "teh Gang" and since we all had pixie alternative characters we decided to make a guild for pixie alts only (mostly because most pixie MAINS are already in guilds) We hope this guild can make it to the ranks of big guilds like <Insiders> <lnsiders> <mystic Mayhem> <Nexus> and such.


1. Need to be pixie.
2. 5 jobs over 5 and at least 1 job over 15.
3. NEED TO BE TALKATIVE AND FUN (crucial! and if you don't talk within 24 hours of gameplay and are NOT a ranking of member and up, you will be kicked.)
4. You need (at least most of the time) to wear uniform on cardie job. (or something similar at least)


Head---antlers (or something thats not a hat or mask)
Item--- A sparkler that represents your ranking. (silver= leader, red=officer member=purple and under don't have.)
Hands--- Pirates hook.
Chest--- Goth coat.
Pants--- Bathing suit (red if girl, blue if boy)
shoes--- briarwood defenders shoes (or purple shoes that look similar)

The uniform is wacky and for fun and events
Promotion requiremnts:

1. at least 5:20's for member and 10 for officer.
2. Being liked by most of the guld
3. attend most guild events.
4. Pass leader judgement. (only for officer or leader status)