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    So, funny story actually...

    I've been wanting to join this guild on one of my characters for a long long time, as the main leader never had the time to log in and invite, until today... I finally found her... Who is her? Her is Pinkd Power, an older player who hardly has time to log in anymore, but sweet as a button. Her dream was to always have a nice, growing guild, but she has never been on to really experience that.

    So, back to the story... She let me have the invite, and about 10 minutes after that, I was promoted to rank leader, and was given the guild, or as she is still in it, I am just the head guy now. So, in order to kind of make Pinkd's wish granted, my goal is to achieve at least half-the-max point... Doesn't have to be super active, nor semi, just a little here and there.

    So, since I was put in charge overall, here's my requirements I require to join:

    • A little experience with Free Realms (If you can port to me and tell me where we are without looking at the map, I'm good with that)
    • A Good, Clean Reputation with the Free Realms Community (That means you have never been banned/suspended before from this point on)

    I honestly do not require a lot from you guys to join, but if it seems to be a problem, I can gladly add more.

    As for rules, just follow the basic common-sensed rules.. Now, as I am not on my alt as frequently as I am on my main, I will not be there 24/7 to watch over who ever joins, so it's up to you to report a rule breaker in the guild, if is one. So, let me direct you to the people in charge..

    Leaders:Jarred, Pinkd Power, and Rinn Kagamine

    Officers:Ðaisy Heart, Chantal Winterdancer, Stephanie Silentshore, Taykeck (Head Officer) and Violet Powercoil

    There will be more officers, don't worry...

    Anyway, so come join us! Alt or Main, whatever pleases you! We welcome all members! Help us make the guild a better, more active place!
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