Why such a silly name? We thought it would be cool to choose something different from the usual "Ninja Fighters Guild", serious combat-centered guild names. Consider it a kind of parody.

Super Happy Friends is a guild of some of the most experienced and high-profile players on Server 1. Many of us have been playing Free Realms since beta. Most of our members range from teens to early twenties, but anyone is welcome to join.

So far we have already gained 20 members within the first few hours since guilds launched, without even having to advertise... many people know we're the best, and come to ask us to join, instead of the other way around. So why would I advertise on FRI then? Well in addition to being the best players on Free Realms, we also would like to mentor and help newer players, whether helping level their character or even just answering questions.

Since most of our guild members are level twenty in their combat jobs, we don't have much need for instances any more (except helping others out.) A lot of the time we just spend hanging out, chatting. Community and friendship is an important part of our guild.

If you want to join Super Happy Friends or even just talk to us and get to know us a bit better, add me as a friend (Yarcofin), send me a message when I'm online and I'll invite you.