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    Icon1 <The Stealth Agency> APPLICATION

    <The Stealth Agency>
    Guild Registration Application
    Notice: This is the APPLICATION for the guild. If you want information about it, please go here:

    Please answer the questions below honestly. Send the form with your answers as a reply to this thread. Thank you, and good luck!

    1. What is your Free Realms IGN?

    2. Have you been in a guild before? If so, which one? (If you have been in multiple, pick the most recent or the most-known.)

    3. Name some good deeds you have done in Free Realms. (EX: Giving coins to the poor.)

    4. Are you a member?

    5. Why do you want to join the guild?

    *Answers may vary.
    **If you cannot answer a question, skip it and move on.
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    IGN: Stealth

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    Default Re: <The Stealth Agency> APPLICATION

    1. Rainböw
    2. I have been in Renegade, '-Camp Half Blood-', and many MANY more.
    3. Helped new players with quests, given coins or rare items for free, stood up for new players, etc...
    4. I am a member.
    5. I would like to join the guild because I like helping people and I know a lot of new Realmers get bullied because they don't have what other players have. I want to stop the bullying so they can have a good experience in the game. Also, this guild sounds like a lot of fun and I have been in a guild like this before so I have experience myself.

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    Default Re: <The Stealth Agency> APPLICATION

    nevermind. sorry.
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