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Title: <The Stealth Agency>

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    Icon1 <The Stealth Agency>

    <The Stealth Agency>
    Guild Information

    Hello all FRI members!

    Stealth here. I have recently created a guild named The Stealth Agency. We help to protect the citizens of Sacred Grove, answer player's questions, help guide new players, and pretty much do anything that improves the Free Realms society. It might seem a pretty easy job to do, but we need people we can trust to do the job. Joining this guild comes with many benefits such as:

    • You help make a difference in the community, thus earning self-satisfaction.
    • You will be invited to events EXCLUSIVELY for guild members.
    • You will get paid depending on how well you do the job, and what rank you are.
    • Aside from coins, you will also receive gifts and items for standing out in the guild.
    • At the end of the day, you will get many "thank-you's" and feel proud about being in a guild that not everyone gets to be apart of.
    • AND MORE!!!

    Now, let me discuss ranks for a bit. As you may know, guilds come with ranks such as Member, Officer, Leader, etc. Each rank comes with many benefits, and will alter the ones you receive above, making them even better. For example, an Officer will get paid much more than a Member. Being promoted requires you to prove that you are a good member of the guild, and are willing to do anything it takes to protect Sacred Grove. Promotions will be given out when I see you have done something really good in the guild, and, in addition, they will sometimes be given at trainings, which I will discuss below.

    When you first join the guild, you will earn the rank of Recruit. You will get paid and receive MOST of the benefits listed above, but being a Recruit won't make you stand out in the guild. This is why we host trainings every once in a while. During trainings, you are asked questions and tested with some obstacles, and some fun stuff, too. Trainings give you a chance to know us better and might even give you a promotion. If you perform REALLY good in trainings, you just might get an award.

    Now, one more concept before I finish the thread. Meetings. We hold group meetings every so often, and it is important that you attend them so you know what is going on in the guild. Just know that if you do not attend them, you will NOT be penalized. But, of course, at least make an effort to attend them. At every meeting, we will also hand out awards and other items. At the end of each one, we will also hold a quick party just to celebrate our guild.

    Have any more questions? Please feel free to contact me here at FRI or on my character, IGN: Stealth. If you are interested in joining the guild, please go here: Thank you!

    -Stealth, Guild Leader.

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    Default Re: <The Stealth Agency>

    Sounds fun. I'd maybe join if I wasn't in a guild I already liked. Maybe someday.
    "Why bother?"

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    Default Re: <The Stealth Agency>

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    Default Re: <The Stealth Agency>

    I think I may join!
    I've been looking for a fun guild!
    What is this? A community of depression?

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