Hey guys!
I'm trying to find new guild members for my guild, Redzone Productions.
In the guild, we'll be doing weekly/montly/every-now-and-then videos. I have a YouTube account for it so I have a place to upload our videos here.
I'm also trying to make a mini-series on Free Realms to be uploaded to YouTube. There are roles left, and if you're interested or want more details about a character, comment below!
Joining the guild will be an easy way for me to know who is a part of the team for making videos. So, whenever I have an idea, I'll be able to let you all know!

Characters for mini-series:
Nat Baines- Good
Jayne Myles-Bad ~ Commander of army
Duke Baines-Good ~ Nat’s brother
Garrett Ivers-Bad/good ~ Nat’s boyfriend/romantic interest
Jacan “Jake” Cummins- Bad/good ~ Soldier
Richard Comfort- Good ~ Officer/soldier
Rilei Hunt- Good ~ Nat’s friend
Solid Hand- Bad ~ Name for gov’t/main person in charge
--The story takes place in the future