Okay, so I have two guilds to put up here. One is mine, the other is my frineds. Mine is called Warrior Cats of Skyclan. The name is STILL being approved. But If you wan to join, here is what you need to know. You must have read or if you are reading now the Warriors Cats books by Erin Hunter. Most other guilds/clans make you have a Tiger ride. Mine, you dont. But if you have read them and want to join. Add me, my name on Free Realms is Dawnfeah3r.
Now, my friends guild/clan is also a Warrior one. Her's is called Warrior-Cats of Bloodclan. Yeah, I know its Bloodclan but she says its different. This is the second Bloodclan she has made, and really wants people to join! its only her and her friend. Thats all thats in her clan. They same rules apply for her clan as well as mine. Her name on Free Realms is True Sandstarr.
~~Epik Emo Gurl gone Goth~~