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Title: <Reactivate>

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    Default <Reactivate>

    Hello everyone!~
    Lately, as of 9/29/2012, I have created a new guild, <Reactivate>.
    Below are some important things that will be updated from time to time.
    -Already approved name.
    -Expects good grammar.
    -MAY have website/forum((Future))
    ((-If we get a website, we may take practice in roleplaying. Only LITERATE, third person roleplays would be acceptable.))
    -You must NOT just leave, please INFORM me if you plan to leave.
    -Don't be a guild skipper. Once your out, you are out, unless you have a good reason.
    -We encourage Free Realms lifetime Memberships for the participation of events.
    -May be doing videos.
    -You cannot join through game. I limit this guild mostly to people who use Insiders, and/or instruct people to join this site.

    Obey the Rules!
    Rules are rules, you are expected to obey them. But just because there's guild rules, never stop obeying the FR and FRI rules.
    Joining Rules:
    -Do not ask to be leader/officer. You must EARN the rank. Do not envy if a friend/trusted person becomes such high rank at once. You must learn to accept those facts or leave.
    -Everyone starts out as a recruit. Only under certain circumstances will someone become auto-leader. After awhile of trust, you become a member to signify your work.
    -Have a clean slate. I don't want to ever find out that you've been banned for something wrong.
    -Be active. Come on frequently, attend meetings, play with us, etc.
    In Character Rules:
    -Use proper grammar.
    -Do not be random. Times of in-character is a time to be alert.
    -Do the best you can.
    OOC Rules:
    -Keep literate grammar.
    -Being a little random is okay, don't overdo it though.
    -Talk about things you like! Music, animals, etc.

    Interested in joining?
    Just one small form away, listed below.

    In-game Name:
    Maxed/High Jobs:
    Why you'd like to join:
    Opinion about how to improve the guild:

    Confused About Something?
    If anything confuses you about something, the explanation is here.((Updates coming))

    In-game name: Your character's name.
    Interests: Things you like to do in FR. ((Battles, moviemaking, building, etc.))
    Maxed/High Jobs: Any jobs you have 12+ in level.
    Why you'd like to join: Just give a reason of what interests you in the guild.
    Opinion about how to improve the guild: Tell us what you think would make it better!
    Where does it get sent? Simply PM it to me, or leave a reply below with it.

    This has been released as of 11:14, 9/29/2012. First release of the guild. Feel free to join. At time of update, there are 0 members excluding leader.
    "If I were sane, my body would be an empty shell, all life void. Eyes soulless and cold."

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    Default Re: <Reactivate>

    Seems like a Fun Guild!

    I have a suggestion for you on the forum tho.. Do you stay long with your guilds? Or do you keep this guild for like a couple of months, then move on? If you do that, then I recommend not making a forum

    You should only make a forum if you'll stay with the guild. Example, I made a forum for my guild <Eternal Nightmare> because I am passionate to stay with it, along with knowing it will strive to stay alive. Another thing about a forum is to keep it alive and everything, but it's all up to you!

    Anyway, Good Luck!
    "Don't cry because it's over: smile because it happened."

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    Default Re: <Reactivate>

    Thank you very much for the luck. And I plan to keep the guild for all eternity, as long as members are willing to do the same in return. Even if it will take me awhile to gather members. I was thinking that once the guild reaches ten members, after a week of the achievement I will create a forum.
    "If I were sane, my body would be an empty shell, all life void. Eyes soulless and cold."

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