Definition of Pursuit:
1) The act of pursuing
2) The activity that one engages in as a vocation, profession, avocation

Pursuit is a teen-adult guild, where the more mature teenagers, or the more adult community can come together into one guild. This may sound like an adult guild, but it is not. This guild is not like the other mature guilds, as due to the age requirements. I know there can be people around the age of 14 and up who can act like we have some sense, so there is the reason this guild was made. As time is getting away from me more as Freshman year begins for me, I do not want to be apart of a big, popular guild that I can be removed from, so I'd rather be apart of my own, little, small guild.

My guild is, or at least is going to be, a one-man guild, where I put myself, and all of my alts, into this guild for my use only, but I thought I would be nice to the community of FRI to at least allow some the chance to join my guild, if you would like. DO NOT JOIN THIS GUILD IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE AGAINST INACTIVITY. <--- This is the point of my guild. I will NOT actively recruit members to my guild for this reason, so please refrain from joining my guild if you are going to leave or complain to me, due to the inactivity, I didn't make this guild to make this a problem.

All members that join need to remember that you need to be at least the age of 14, and up.
As I know some will Lie to get in here (from experience in the past), Maturity of your age is key. If you are inappropriate to anyone in the Realm community, I will remove you without warning, as you have disrespected me and my rule. Other than this rule, I do not require much out of you in and out of game, other than to just follow the Community Terms, which is not too much to ask, I mean, come on.

Now, let's get to some of the do's and don'ts ...


  • You are the age of 14, or up (or you at least act the age of maturity)
  • You have not been a problem to the Realm Community, example trolling, bullying, scamming, etc.
  • You know whats right from wrong
  • You know what a GameCube is.. you better.. this is important..


  • You are not mature in game, or outside of the game.
  • You use inappropriate/profane language (You will not have my respect whatsoever if so)
  • If you are a bully, troller, scammer, spammer, etc., you know who you are.
  • You do not know whats right from wrong

As qualifications go, I do not expect anything special out of you when joining the guild, as I am not the type to make you max a job to join a guild, I mean come on, but you will be required to max jobs if you want to move up in ranks, as I have thought it over.

Recruit Rank: The recruit can join without any maxed jobs, if none is maxed at the moment. Before the recruit can be considered upon promotion to the member rank, the member will need to at least have maxed two jobs, One Combat and One Non-Combat, to make it more the fair, and will need to have been in the guild for at least one week. If I do not inspect you at the beginning on when you join, then I may ask to see your jobs the next time you are online.

Member Rank: Once you have obtained this rank, it will be almost your last rank in here, but there will be times I do give some members higher ranks than this. The member rank is given if you are in the guild for at least one week, and you have maxed out two jobs, One Combat (Archer, Brawler, Medic, Ninja, Warrior, or Wizard.. Unless your a new character profile, then Brawler), and One Non-Combat (Adventurer, Blacksmith, Card Duelist, Chef, Demo Derby Driver, Fisherman, Kart Driver, Miner, Postman, and Soccer Star... Again, unless you are a new character to the game, then Adventurer or Card Duelist).

Officer Rank: This rank will be highly impossible for someone to make, but there is always a way to achieve this rank, if need too. I will Expect out of the member, if wanting to obtain this rank, to have at least Four Maxed Job (Two must be Combat, the other Two must be Non-Combat), and to have been in the guild for at least One Month. Once the qualifications have been obtained, the next time I am in game, you may ask about a promotion, but please do not expect a "Oh yes, I was just thinking about that..", you will morely need to expect, "Sorry, Officer promotions are limited right now. You should only be asking if you have been in the guild for one month, and you have four maxed jobs. So with that said, you should only be asking me then.", but it will be more nicer, but making a point here, just please remind yourself to ask me when you have qualified so that there is no trouble at all.

Leader Rank: This rank is not obtainable whatsoever to any member. The only people who gets this rank is my alternative characters, so please do not be mad if a random person joins and gets promoted right away, I am not going to be like that to you, that's highly unfair.

Now that we got that all over with, I hope to see some look to this guild and think of it as a "I want to join this!" type of guild . Have a nice day, ya'll!