Think all princesses sit in pretty castles and don't spend time in the dark? Think again! The Princesses Of Blackspore are a group of girls who revere and enjoy time spent in Blackspore, a place most call undesireable. Me as Angela Oakberry and my irl sister as Elissa Starblossom are always ready to launch new events! We will make movies(so long as they involve the swamp), I will give you a totally free purple/black item on your birthday, and best of all, we have plenty of events planned for our favorite month, October, including a Halloween day costume(no actual costume required) fashion show, with big prizes for the winners! A few lucky people not in the guild will get invites! Sadly, it's not all fun and games. I've seen quite a few odd things during my time here, and not a single complaint that I was interrupting a movie, which means it was actually happening! We also maintain order during the vampires versus werewolves event, including stopping the arguments about victory and sometimes balancing the events by participating on the side of the general loser. Yes, we currently have 99 spots, but I haven't seen many since their recruiting, so I most likely can kick people. You can find me on Server 1, my sister tends to be more random.