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Title: plz join :P

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    Icon13 plz join :P

    hello insiders peeps i have made a guild called pokemon mystery dungeon team it is a role play guild where you can pick any pokemon out of all 493 (yes that is excatly how many pokemon there are and more coming soon.) the longer you are in the guild the higher rank you are remember this is a role play guild so i am an espeon named sparkles who is the guild master and all of you ppl joining will be the teams you can pick anyone in the guild to be in your team if they want to be in your team too then you are in team together and remember you must tell me what pokemon you are i will give a form and rules right now

    1. what pokemon are you?
    2. male or female?
    3. team name:
    4. agree to rules?(yes or no)

    1. being rude if you be rude you will get and inform by me on here telling you that you were removed for being rude.
    2. remember if you want you can join my group on here to also show that you joined. must be active on fr if you arent on for 2 weeks no matter what reason you will be removed and will have to apply again.
    4. there are to many rules to list but most of them are about what not to do so if you are removed i will inform you the reason why.

    if you join ty for doing it
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