Hello, all! My name is Caiti (of course, this is both my FRI name and IGN), I'm 12, and I'm here to introduce my guild, <Super Crazyfied>. You'll often see me wondering around, looking for Exploration Coins and fighting both battles and duels. Sometimes, I'll be in Highroad Junction looking for recruits for my guild. Why join <Super Crazyfied>? Well, here's some benefits!
  • You'll imediately be booted up to Member.
  • I'm on every day, so you'll always be able to come on and chat.
  • I LOVE INTERACTION! If you know something's going on out in real life, tell me. I'll rally the troops and we can go tell everyone.
  • Everyone is accepted to this guild; guys or gals, old or young, sane or insane.
  • This guild is about the enjoyment of the users! We can connect and make new friends, have people help you with a quest that involves a tough battle, and more.
  • Want to have a party, rally, or other event? <Super Crazyfied> is a great way to get the message out! Though not a lot of people use the guild chat (ugh!), you can call a guild meeting any time and get the word out!
  • There's so much more, too.
Thanks to Highroad Junction, I've finally reached 88 members! I know we're not the largest guild by a long shot, but I try to add people that are nice and/or new so you'll always find someone to strike up a conversation with. If you'd like to join, come on and reply! I'll arrange a meeting, and I'll add you. Thanks for reading.