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Title: Pink Mist

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    Default Pink Mist

    We are Recruiting!

    Website will be created soon form approval, we hope to get many members before Beta Testing. Here we think its a great opportunity to use IG Guild Chat, as well as contacting each other nicely.

    What we are looking for:

    1 - 2 More Leaders
    Some Officers, maybe 4 or 5 Trusted ones.
    Moderators for our site.

    Heres out it works:

    Recruit: Just ask, please fulfill that you are nice and have a level 13 job any.
    Member: Join the site, currently since there is no site, we wont recruit for members
    Officer: Must Be friends with leader, and need to be trusted and referred by 4 Other members
    Leader: For right now, you need to have what it takes, i will discuss that individually.
    1 - 2 More spots open!

    Remember thse rules:

    -No spamming of any kind, unless allowed
    -No scamming IG or Out, results in Banning or Getting removed from guild
    -Keep the strikes under 5
    -No elitist act and no profanity
    -No Religion Talk
    -Scaring People isnt allowed, not at all. But if so, rather do it at day or halloween where it is more appropriate to talk about

    -Follow Everything,- Includes SOE Terms of Service as well as The Golden Rule
    -No arguing
    -Only 2 Market Threads allowed per day
    -Only Links that are appropriate, unless your admin to a different game website or non related gaming site, do not post the link. Result in 1- Post count Possibly
    -Only leaders will be Admins
    -No begging
    -We MAYBE will have a bank
    -No Begging as well for being Global Mod, mod, or Admin. We dont wanna hear that, and result for Deactivation for 2 Days possibly.

    Hope you understand.


    Mostly this: One Max Job.

    Lets talk:

    I know some of you say, "Why one max job? Not fair for other ppl" Well.... Its a Guild.
    Actually its My/Our Guild. Just be lucky we're not the ones like: You need 10 Max Jobs or something. thats crazy. We want One Max Job PREFERABLY. WE CAN INFACT TAKE LEVEL 13 People. But you need to be level 13 on any job besides adventurer, got it? Deal? Ok sure.

    Nothing more to say....but....
    ! We would love for you to stay, have fun, while following the rules. Thanks for reading this long intro and Guild Letter!

    Any questions, you should most likely PM me. Though im more active on MM so PM me there. Both are welcomed anyways though.

    Requirements for guild you say?

    Actually none! Free to do except the ranking system!

    Wanna Know my IGN and ask questions IG instead? Or wanna go ahead and join?
    My IGN is here! >>>>>>IGN: Prince Nero

    There you go!!!

    Thanks again!
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    Default Re: Pink Mist

    Bump, also the guild name is now Ceremoniål

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    Default Re: Pink Mist

    Sounds cool, i'll join. ^w^

    IGN: Toxic Ammie

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    Default Re: Pink Mist

    My mistake again. Bump. Anyways its now called Exportion, we have a site. So Ammie, still interested in joining?

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