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    Default <Optima> A new guild!

    Well, Sarah here. I have created a new guild with my friend in real life. It is called Optima, which means "The Best" in Latin. If you would like to join we would be glad to have you! You can be promoted by recruiting people! You start as a member and can become an officer by showing loyalty to the guild. Here are our rules:

    1. The higher ranks have a choice to be addressed as sir/ma'am.
    2. Always respect all members; Higher or lower rank than you.
    3. You always have to show respect to EVERYONE, in the guild or not.
    4. If you are truly "The Best" you will help new people to FR by showing them around!
    5. You cannot online date or swear being in this guild. (Although I know alot of you don't)

    I will work on building the HQ for the guild as soon as I have time!

    If you have any questions just PM or VM me!

    IGN: Surrah
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    Default Re: <Optima> A new guild!

    Id love to be apart of your guild. Gamer tag: Fujiko. I am 26/f. I am lvl 20 in wizard, ninja, and chief. Working on warrior and archer. If you have any questions, just ask me. Thanks!!

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    Default Re: <Optima> A new guild!

    Congratz on the new guild . Good luck with it growing
    IGN:John Moonfable
    <Mystic Mayhem>

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