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    Default NOTICE: Insider Applicants Please Read!

    Recently we have found that those applying to the guild are filling out the form with one character name, only to change the character they wish to officially join the guild on after you have been accepted. This makes it very difficult for our officers to keep track of who still needs an invite, and which members have been accepted.

    While we do allow our members to switch their characters (within reason - not daily) that are in the guild, please make sure you are applying with the character you intend to join with this will only stream-line the process and make it easier for you to join the guild in-game.

    Please ensure you are filling out the form to join our guild accurately.

    Thanks all!

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    Default Re: NOTICE: Insider Applicants Please Read!

    To Make it clear for myself and others ~

    Please make sure you posted the Character Name you want to join on officially.

    ~ Correct?
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