So our guild name was finally approved by the filter! so we are good to go! The guild will make videos have a guild clubhouse, and other assorted fun things of that nature!

Requirements to get in:
1.) At least one max level combat job (or level 19 because thats darn close enough)
2.) At least three max level jobs (same as above. if your close we will make exceptions)
3.) a piece of TCG. Unless your not a member. The something rare like a mid or black skinnies or old school/vaults
4.) social! you have to play at least once a week. (Ok im on at nights so it doesnt matter whe you play as long as you play!)

wwe will have the guild class system so you will start out as a recruit. However you wont have to jump through hoops to move up. Just wait and be patient and we will movee you up as you progress.. If you are a maxed out character (all level 20 jobs) you wwill be immediatly promoted to officer.

So yeah! come join our guild! we would seriously love to have you! x}