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    Default New Guild: <Hippers>

    Hey everyone! I made a new guild called "Hippers" and I'm looking for members.

    It's name is supposed to be "Hipsters" but I couldn't use it

    So, this guild is Hipster themed, but everyone is allowed

    Hippers will have a lot of social events; parties, holiday celebrations, social saturdays/sundays, etc.

    I'm turning my condo lot and another into a guild hangout for meetings, etc. called "Righteous Cloud"

    I'll be needing help turning this guild into something big so any members are appreciated, memberships or not. All you need to be is active.

    If you have any questions feel free to post here or P.M. me!
    ~ Autumn
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    Default Re: New Guild: <Hippers>

    Hi there! I'm interested in joining It sounds like a lot of fun!

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