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    Default NEW GUILD!!!!!!

    HeY EvErYbOdY
    ok and my friend are making this guild called Tech Filmz and its new so we need ppl to join! >^.^< we make videos (lol ofcourse) and have lots of fun. and remember its a new guild so right know theres only five ppl but were still adding more ppls and yea ^^ so come and join! you can add me Acidalia or Heâther da other awsome leader!! see ya soon!

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    Default Re: NEW GUILD!!!!!!

    Good Luck with your new guild!

    True story!

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    Default Re: NEW GUILD!!!!!!

    Good Luckies! I would TOTALLY join if I could, but I don't play fr much anymore, so I'd just kinda be a "dead member" X3

    IGN: Toxic Ammie

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