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    Icon9 Need help getting into Insiders?

    ~Note: I didn't know whether to put this in general disscusion or here so please move it to the correct catagory.

    ~Yet another note: No, I am not in Insiders. But, I think this might be a good way to get there.

    ~Please note: If this is against the rules of FRI I am deeply sorry. I didn't see any rules about this so I think it's ok...

    Ok, many of you want to get in the most famous guild of all time, Insiders. Here is the system I use to get, good, helpful posts.
    Different sections, different colors

    Organize- A good way to do almost anything, ORGANIZE!!! First, make a list of ideas for helpful posts. Think of popular questions and how confused you were when you were a noob. Also make sure that you can answer these questions and turn them into a well understandable post.

    Plan- Like everything else, a well-planned thing always turns out good! Think about how your post will help other people and how other people will react to it. Will they react positively or negatively?

    Just some things to think about when posting, I hoped this helped you!

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    Default Re: Need help getting into Insiders?

    Responding to threads in the Inroduction, and the help forums, count as helpful posts.
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