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    Default Need a Guild? For teens?

    Topaz Eclipse

    What is this guild?
    This guild is called "Topaz Eclipse". Its a great guild for making friends and hanging out. We make videos and explore. We are all great friends and we have partys!

    Are there any requirements?
    Yes but there are No rides, certain clothes, or rares are needed to join this guild! The only requirements are: You have to chat with members, and be on at least every weekend.
    Not that much to ask.

    What do we do in particular?
    Hang, make videos, battle, party & explore are the main things we do.

    I heard there are ranks, we are all friends- whats up with that?
    Well, its not based on trust... Its based on Adventurer Levels.
    Here they are:
    Recruit- Levels 1-5
    Member- Levels 6-10
    Officer- Levels 10-20
    **Members and non-members can go to level 20 on Adventurer**

    I want to join! Who do I contact?
    Good question!
    Here are the leaders:
    (Me) Farahh
    Marie Diamondstones
    Halloween Kitty1
    Ryder Hextempest

    I hope you join Topaz Eclipse!!!
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    It was fun playing with you guys! Ilysm!

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    Default Re: Need a Guild? For teens?

    i would love to join but i like my guild sry
    and i think i know marie, i sold her some TCG

    IGN Cori Goldensea
    Youtube: TheDailyWizard

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