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    Default Need a Cool Guild

    • I wanna join a guild that is cool
    • guild that is Friendly
    • helps poor members
    • and AWESOME

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    Default Re: Need a Cool Guild

    There are many guilds In FR but some might not fit those requirments or some might not let you in for some odd reason. So... i guess making your own guild is worth a try first to see if those options you want from a guild might be in your own guild. Or maybe join Insiders if you want (:
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    Default Re: Need a Cool Guild

    You could join Insiders, ... .... Or, my guild. It's a small guild, but i'm on quite a bit. (Though not as much now that i've started school again.) It's called Rebelutionaries. :-] Good luck in your guild search!

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    Default Re: Need a Cool Guild

    Why not just look for Famous popular guild's like Renegade,Nexus,Insiders,Imperious ther are many but problem is there are too many members in them maybe some r kind or some r rude U NEVER NO
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    Icon6 Re: Need a Cool Guild

    I think Insiders are for you and everyone (if they want)
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    Default Re: Need a Cool Guild

    you can join my guild, airious, its new, but wont totaly fit your requirements, but before i allow you to join(this is a high security guild and wont let just any one in) you need to have a post in my thread, read what i have posted in the thread, post in my thread ,and add me to your list, this bit might be hard, but i'm on alot of the time ,you might still not get in though, as i said its high security, and i hope it to be a popular guild someday!

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