Hi Guys ♥
I decided I wanted to make a new guild!
Im naming it : <Melted>
Idk why but I decided it was a cool name
Anyone can join!
I want to make this guild a community fun guild that is know for their loud and fun partys and awesome videos! I just have a few rules!

1. Don't be rude to people you don't like if they're in the guild! (EXAMPLE: IF you were a leader and they were a officer you couldn't kick them because then if you did the person u kicked would get back in and you wouldn't )

2. DO NOT BEG. Guys I really dont like begging and it stresses me out yo XD

3. Have fun! Just enjoy the game and the fun people in it! You can invite as many friends as you want ( If a officer or just ask me >II )

4. Don't promote/demote people without Leader permission
Now that all of that intense stuff is over we can get to teh fun part.
Joining the guild!
My IGN IS : Nanelia.
Thanks a lot guys I apreciate it!