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Title: <Mustachio>

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    Default <Mustachio>

    Hello there it is Wish here. So me and my best friend Magik Lizzard own a guild. We have 73 members in the guild and we need more. The guild is based on the french term mustache, or hairy face.

    Proud Leaders Of Mustachio

    1. Valerievena (me)

    2. Magik Lizzard

    3. Stewart Speedydawn

    Are guild application is quite simple to fill out, and it takes just about 2-3 minutes to complete.

    Guild Application

    Fourm Name:

    IG Name:

    Suspended Or Banned? Explain Why

    Why You Want to Join the guild:

    How You could help out:


    Fourm Name: Wishatopiafay

    IG Name: Valerievena

    Suspended or Banned? Suspended, because I was jk around too much and it counted as harrasing my friend and it counted against me

    Why You Want to Join the guild: Because I hear its a fun guild and I want to join on in with the fun!

    How you could help out: I could help out with managing the members, or even keeping a sharp eye out on the guild.

    It's quite simple actually, you fill this out, if you were suspended or banned we will check more into that and decide are you elligable to be in this guild.

    We also have a website running for the guild. It's still right now being altered and things but it will be done soon!

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Val, Wish, Prin.

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    Default Re: <Mustachio>

    Sounds like an awesome guild =).

    I'll give it a go on my alt (btw Im shane Valy-bear! =D)

    Fourm Name: Zimster

    IG Name: Tamii Pie (My Girl alt - Main name is Shane Snowheart)

    Suspended Or Banned? Neither. I am a good boy

    Why You Want to Join the guild: I am guildless on that alt, and Seems like a funny guild

    How You could help out : By making a forum, helping with recruiting.. Anything really. you name it!
    "Don't cry because it's over: smile because it happened."

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