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    Default Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Guild!

    Looking for a fun guild to join? Join the mighty morphin power rangers. We don't exactly talk about power rangers 24/7 as you may think we do, but do get random people coming up to us to only talk about the rangers. Were a new guild but have over 70 members+ We like to train alot and you can always find someone to help you with a quest or to level up. You can always find someone helpful online either late at night or early in the morning. We also like to have fun and have many social gatherings to take a break dance and have some cake. I am lvl 20 in almost every job cept adventure and mining but i am getting there so I am able to help alot. To join pm me Ashwin Powers were located on server 1

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    Default Re: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Guild!

    ...... funny

    i ment funny not spinny xD
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    Im as Real as it gets.. lol

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