Welcome to Majestic Chaos!

Hiya! I am Kyle Majesticmeadow Founder and Creator of Majestic Chaos, and I am along with my friends Matt Surfer and Tyler Orbit, And we are here to let you know that we just opened up our Guild and Forum!

Here is our Forum to learn more about us: Majestic Chaos - Home

Here are some of our awesome Events we will be holding!


Majestic Chaos Anniversary (March 23rd)

Hide & Seek

Silly String Fights


Officer of the Month


Clash of the Boomboxes


Guild Photos

Guild Color Theme Day


Costume Parties

Race Kart O' Rama

Chess of Players

Twister/Mega Twister

Shuffler Gun Fight

Spot the Difference (Building style)

The Race of Realms

Silly Hat Day

Silly Clothing Day

Movie Trivia

Free Realms Trivia

Housing Tour

Majestic Chaos Awards

Guild Videos & Movies

Guild Member Packs (Provided by Leaders)

Farmer Weapon Fights

We will be sure to add more Events as much as we can to make the Guild as active and fun as possible!

Don't Forget to be a good Realmer and follow the Rules. Hehe!

(Guild Rules)

Always have fun and be joyful! It is a great way to keep the Events fun.

Foul language is never aloud in Majestic Chaos or in Free Realms, always stay clean when making a joke or just in plain general.

No making fun of others or treating them with disrespect, it is one of the worst things you can do in the Guild and in Free Realms.

Please don't scam players in the Guild or Free Realms, convincing others that you will give them an Item in return but you really didn't is a terrible thing to do!

No dating in Majestic Chaos or Free Realms, it is very dangerous for people to do so! Make sure you don't date!

Always be kind to players, everyone loves to be loved by others and always be a good friend!

If you were ever suspended or Banned in Free Realms we won't allow you in the Guild because of your poor record. We always want someone with a good record in our Guild.

Our #1 Rule is to just have fun! Having fun is the best part of being a Free Realmer! Have fun in Free Realms!

If you decide to join Majestic Chaos feel free to send me a Private Message or comment here at anytime and I will try and get you in the Guild A.S.A.P!

Have fun in Free Realms!