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    Default Magic Unicorns of Stardust Herd

    Magic Unicorns of Stardust Herd!!!

    Magic Unicorns of Stardust Herd is the PERFECT opportunity to meet new friends, and show off your unicorn! Sadly, there are requirements!

    -A Unicorn (I am a rare exception, I have no unicorn, but I am in the guild for certain reasons) Any color, wings or not, make sure it has a horn!
    -A sense of patience, Its a small guild right now, but if you invite your friends it will get bigger in no time!
    -Respect all leaders!

    Bronze Horn: Recruit
    Silver Horn: Member
    Gold Horn: Officer
    Crowned Horn: Leader
    **Ask a CROWNED HORN to become a member or officer, you have to of been in the guild for sometime!**

    -Have to have a unicorn (Only ULTRA RARE exceptions, sorry!)
    -Have to be an ACTIVE user (At least on weekends)
    -No bullying
    -If officer, NO demoting/removing someone from the guild without a leaders permission!

    (These are IGN's Not the FRI user, some might not have an FRI account)
    Princess Summercharm
    Brittany Diamand2
    Wade Blazeear

    Farahh (Me)
    Brenda Sparkblossom
    Sarah Sparkleheart5

    Princess Summercharm- Princess
    Farahh (Me)- Doctor/Nurse/Medical person
    Brenda Sparkblossom- Officer/Security
    Sarah Sparkleheart5- Officer/Security
    Anyone up for it?
    Thanks hope you join!
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    It was fun playing with you guys! Ilysm!

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    Default Re: Magic Unicorns of Stardust Herd

    oooooommmmmgggggggggg I totally want to join!!!!!!!!!!!!! srry I might sound a lil to enthusiastic but I woud love to join and I love unicorns so yea my name is Acidalia and ill try contact one of the contacts lol

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