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    Default <Lunarium> Guild Thread

    Hiya Guys!
    I would just like to tell everyone about my new guild, <Lunarium>!

    <Lunarium> is a guild for people who can very mature, and kind to other members/people in the Free Realms world!
    Everything does come with a price! xD
    Here's the Info you need to know!

    1. TCG Redeemed
    Reason: I know a lot of people have TCG, but some may not, but this is on here because I think of TCG to seperate the "Newest" people to the most "Experienced" People.
    *I will also accept anyone with like any types of Elite/Old School, But please Have TCG!*

    Rule(s) (Summary):
    1. You will need to follow SOE's Term of rules as well as our guild rules (which are coming up).
    2.Be active on both Forums/Guild - This means like try to attend our events/surprise events in game!
    We don't want to have unactive people, Right?
    3.(Got this rule from Mystic Mayhem) 3 Strikes, Your out! - What this means is if you leave 3 times from the guild, you will not be allowed to rejoin for 6 months.
    Now, if you looked at Mystic Mayhem's rule, They wouldn't allow you back in for good. Difference.

    Guild Ranks:
    Each Rank will have a brief description of what postition your in.

    Recruit - This position means you have joined the guild <Lunarium> but has not joined guild site.

    Member, Officer, & Leader - These positions mean you have joined the guild <Lunarium> and have joined the guild site.

    *You don't have to join site, but it's very recommended if you did.
    Just think this...
    You don't care to be promoted, then you don't have to join site.
    If you do want to be promoted, then you do need to join the site.

    <Lunarium> will only accept the people who have the requirements, who can be mature, and who can respect the rules from our guild/SOE.

    So, If you want to apply below, here's what you need to have

    (1)Your In Game Name:
    (2)Forum Name:
    (3)Your reason why you want to join:

    So EX.
    (1) IGN: Kendal Bluegem
    (2) Forum Name: Zimster
    (3) I would like to join the guild <Lunarium> because It seems to be a fun, and mature enough guild! *Great People By the way.*

    Thats just an example on how you can do it!

    Interested in joining?
    Just reply below!!!!
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