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    Default Lumina Recruiting

    Owneralmer Shocksaber AKA me XD
    Leaders:Tori Amethyst,Laughing Matter,And Camaros

    Officers:Garret Greenstone,Jake Elmgate,Krimson Rose,Lan Nhi,Sk8r Chik,
    Bella Aurasphere,Spence Shocksaber,Coleen Sunbeach,And Punker Chick8112

    Members:Aint Gonna Name XD

    People In Guild Currently:74

    Average People Online A Day:20-30

    Requirements:One Job Maxed Or More

    Ok Thats All If Ya Wanna Join Pm Me Or Talk To A Officer Or Leader In The Game
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    Palmer Shocksaber
    Owner Of <Lumina>
    Server 1

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