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    Default Life Creations - Applying Thread

    Hello fellow Free Realms members. I am advertising me and a friends guild. It's called Life Creations. We are hoping to recruit like crazy, please read all of this if you can.

    Life Creations is a new guild, We are accepting members to join as soon as possible. As I said before, Please apply (Like Insiders, Mystic Mayhem,ect.) and see if you get accepted.

    Just like Insiders you will get a Private Message containing if you we're accepted.

    It depends if you we're nice in your application and if your friendly, nice, kind, ect.

    We're working on creating a website IF The guild goes as planned.


    Life Creations Rules & Important Information:
    Alright, LC (Life Creations) Has our own rules, please review them carefully.

    1.) Please be nice, kind and respectful to all members of LC.
    2.) Do NOT Cruse/cuss/swear.
    3.) Please be appropriate for all ages of Free Realms
    4.) Do not ask to be a leader, you will get promoted on your own time.
    5.) Never share personal information
    6.) Have Fun!

    All the Free Realms rules apply as well.

    Please follow all the rules, if you don't/break a rule you will be kicked out or demoted depending on what you did and what rank your in. All free realms rules apply to LC, and everything else. If you break a rule while we DON'T see it or if your NOT with guild members you will have to explain to the leaders your situation and what happened. Never keep secrets from us please, we can always ask the other players what happened and who was there. Please also Do NOT threaten us to make you a certain rank, you WILL be removed from LC.

    Application: You're Almost done!

    1.) What is your FreeRealms IGN (In-game name)? -
    2.) Have you ever been banned/suspended from Free Realms? -
    3.) Why do you want to join? -

    Sorry if the application or "way" is the same as Insiders or Mystic Mayhem.

    Thanks All. You will receive a private message if you were accepted or not.

    Guess what? Yup. I'm back.

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    Default Re: Life Creations - Applying Thread

    This is another guild already. Wow. I had an open alt, but I might have to pass on this offer.
    Sorry But good luck with your guild
    "Don't cry because it's over: smile because it happened."

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